Hi, I’m Lola. Let me tell you about things…

Writer. Reader. Musician. Incorrigible traveller. Serial expat. Obsessive researcher. Aspiring polyglot. Semi-reformed stationery hoarder. Living with ASD and an autoimmune condition (yay!). Gen Y… or Millennial, if you prefer. Lover of projects.






What I Write About

  • Autoimmune and gut dysfunction
  • Food and nutrition
  • Small space gardening and #plantlife
  • Everyday money management
  • Places I’m in, places I’ve been
  • Languages and linguistics


A List of Lola-Facts

  • I was born in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Coeliac disease is my arch nemesis and constant companion.
  • I lived in Japan for a couple of years. Yes, I speak Japanese (though less fluently than I used to).
  • I lived in London when I started this blog. I now live in Sydney.
  • My wardrobe is almost entirely blue-grey-black-white – this was only a semi-conscious decision on my part.
  • At last count, I’d visited twenty-four countries outside my homeland.
  • I’m a Gen Y/Millennial (except very occasionally, when a journalist moves the goalposts and I end up stuck in a generational no-man’s-land between X and Y).